History of the Congregation at Capshaw

History of the Congregation at Capshaw

In the mid 1930's, Brother Granville Tyler came to the Capshaw community and held a gospel meeting under a "Brush Arbor Tent". Soon after that gospel meeting, Brother Carl Richter, with fourteen women began meeting at the Capshaw Club House. A few weeks later, Brother Jack Lindsey and three more women attended. Those two men and the seventeen women were the beginning of the congregation at Capshaw.

The church continued to meet at the Capshaw Club House until they moved to the building on Smith Drive. The deed to the Smith Drive property was dated 1937 and the building was probably built the same year.

The first regular preacher to work with the congregation was Brother Reynolds; he preached the first Sunday of each month. 

A faithful group of Christians worshiped at the building on Smith Drive from 1937 until 1996. The building underwent several renovations over the years (1937-1996) to accommodate growth. 

The congreagtion moved to the current location at 29755 Capshaw Road on Sunday, July 14, 1996. Brother Everett Conn preached the first sermon at this location and the subject of his lesson was "Unity". There were approximately about 85 members in attendance that Sunday morning.

The pulpit, communion table and two chairs were among the few contents of the Smith Drive building and were moved to the new building when it was constructed. These items date back to the early 1930's and were donated by Sister Martina Ackerman in 1950. The furniture was previously used in the Central church of Christ building on Clinton Avenue in Huntsville, Alabama.

In 2004, Brother Norm Webb, Sr. began preaching at Capshaw and worked with the congregation at Capshaw until he retired from preaching at the conclusion of 2018. 

On 09/27/15, Brother Norm Webb, Sr. and Brother Steve Cook were appointed as elders.  This was the first time the church had elders in place since the early 90's.  On 11/08/15, the church added deacons and additonal deacons were added on 03/05/17.  The church at Capshaw had elders and deacons until mid-2018. 

On 01/06/19, Brother Berlin (Buc) Chumbley preached his first sermon at Capshaw after he was hired to work with the congregation. 

On 09/13/20, the church placed confidence in appointing two elders to oversee the flock at Capshaw.  Doug Davidson and Darren Winland were recognized as shepherds.  A month later, thirteen men were selected to serve the church as deacons.

On 09/18/22, the church appointed two additional elders to oversee the flock at Capshaw.  Barry Britnell and Jamie Newton were recognized as shepherds.  Several weeks later, the church added additional deacons to serve the congregation.

Over the last few years, the congregation has continued to see a large growth in Christians placing membership at Capshaw.  This growth has caused the church to outgrow its current classrooms and seating needs in the auditorium.  With approximately 200 men, women, and children that worship and work together in the Lord's kingdom at Capshaw, the elders at Harvest church of Christ and Capshaw church of Christ reached an agreement to allow both congregations to work together at the Harvest church of Christ building while plans for expansion take place at the Capshaw location.  These two groups will join together under the Capshaw leadership at the Harvest building for approximatley 24 months.  Continued growth will allow both congregations to once again be two local, independent congregations serving the Lord in the Capshaw and Harvest communities.  Our prayers are for this to occur by Spring of 2025.  This first meeting at 8941 Wall Triana Hwy in Harvest, Alabama occurred on 02/05/23.